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11:00am to 12:30pm  |  1:45 to 3:15pm

9:00 to 10:30am

Programming for Improving Movement - Focus on the “How” before “How Much” with John Zahab
This lecture will expand on concepts for creating an environment for individuals to work towards improving their movement efficiency - prior to progressing them to loaded exercises.  We will explore barriers to clean movement, including software and hardware concerns. The concepts are applicable to all - from individuals who are new to exercise, up to the level of high performance athletes.

Explore your Core with Lisa Mastrachio
The core is the centre of power…..the pillar of strength for the body. Mobility and stability are keys to unlocking its potential. Join Lisa’s workshop to gain insight and training tips to target glutes, back, shoulders and abdominals. You’ll leave this session with innovative exercises to ignite your core conditioning classes!

Functional Circuits for Active Aging with Jill Pomeroy
Circuit training is one of the most popular formats for group exercise. Learn how to incorporate this format for our active aging participants using body weight exercises and small equipment for functional strength, balance and cardio. Simple to follow and accessible to all.

Yoga for Athletes with Julia Aimers    
Julia’s life long career in sport encouraged her to realize that Yoga is an important part of the mix for injury prevention, proper alignment, core strength and the ever important breath work.  In this session Julia will share the important postures athletes need, how to periodize Yoga classes and how the breath work relates to sport.

Power vs Rhythm with Jan Giblin
Maximizing musicality to inspire beat junkies and traditionalists. Using the music to inspire your class to push harder. Connect your playlist to output demands by finding the right tempo for mountains, sprints and HIIT. Ensure that you keep the ride authentic while focusing on safe and effective movements to build endurance, strength and speed. With the right approach, you can use your soundtrack to motivate participants and elevate class performance.

The Other Piece of the Puzzle with Rachel Cavan
Help your clients lose fat and build muscle with nutrition. We all know that fat loss needs to have both an exercise and nutrition component, and it’s frustrating when your clients think they can “out exercise a bad diet” thereby hampering their progress… and all of your hard work! In this session, you will learn:  Why weight loss is so much more than calories in – calories out!; how hormones affect fat loss and how what you eat is affecting your hormones; common “healthy” foods that are actually doing more harm than good; how your clients’ supplements (or lack thereof) can be hindering their progress; how to make simple switches to your clients’ diets to improve their success; and practical tips to implement these strategies into our busy daily lives!

Stop The Overwhelm and Continue With What You Love (Teaching!) with Amanda Degrace
More and more opportunities are available in the fitness field but are you really taking advantage of growing your business to it’s full potential? With more facilities offering classes and workshops but hiring contractors and not employees fitness professionals are finding themselves running their own business. Do you feel confident running your own business, understanding how to raise your profile in the community, gain social media presence and continue to build your classes? Understand how to create multiple revenue streams in your business, work WITH your contract facilities to create solid partnerships and increase your income potential without feeling overwhelmed with more work. Continue feeling passionate about your involvement in the industry without experiencing burnout.

The Next STEP with Brenda Hamm
The boomer generation loves group fitness class, but remembers STEP as a class of detailed choreography. The Next STEP will help instructors simplify their choreography and educate participants on the benefits of a STEP class workout. You will learn strategies on giving permission, using progression while keeping participants safe, engaged and motivated to come back for more.


9:00 to 10:30am  |  1:45 to 3:15pm

11:00am to12:30pm

Mobility & Stability for Active Aging with Margaret Martin
The aim of the workshop is to provide you with the information you need to design a class/program that incorporates all the elements needed to ensure safe and appropriate mobility in the active aging adult. Drawing from 32 years of clinical practice and research data I will provide you with the knowledge to assist you in designing your classes/programs targeted at the aging adult. Objectives of the workshop will include; basic knowledge of the anatomical and physiological changes in the aging cardiovascular/pulmonary, musculoskeletal, and neuromuscular systems in relation to changes in physical function and performance;  awareness of the predictors of successful aging; mobility and stability tests; exercises that are best included and why.

Lower Limb Dysfunction with Dr. Aaron Lynn
An in depth look at the most common low back, hip, knee, and foot problems caused by dysfunctional gait and movement patterns, core instability, muscle imbalances and fascial line connections. We will also consider the role fascial connections play in transferring dysfunction from one area of the body to another.

Circuit Skills & Drills with Lisa Mastrachio
Circuit training is an effective and popular way to rain both heart and muscle but as a coach, creating this type of workout can be challenging. How many stations? What exercises are best? How ca I cater to all levels of fitness? How do I coach the entire group while motivating each separate team? Join Lisa’s session and sharpen your coaching skills while learning new drills to create a dynamic yet challenging circuit training session. Don’t miss Circuit Skill & Drills!

Cardio Dance Party with Nicole Houle
Join Nicole for a non-stop and easy-to-follow jammed dance workout class. You will walk away with fresh ideas guaranteed to fill your choreography repertoire and make your participants smile.  Dance experience NOT required!  

Endurance Coaching on the Bike with Julia Aimers
With over 20 years of experience teaching indoor cycling, Julia Aimers will share her popular teaching methods on how to coach a high energy, endurance class on the bike. Using training zones to gauge the intensity level of the ride, learn how to make endurance rides fun by building endurance over an 8 week training block, time trials, hill climbs, visualization and awesome music!! As a triathlon and cycling coach, Julia knows what it takes to get to the finish line of a long distance endurance event.

Pelvic Floor & Diastasis, Buzz Words or Something You REALLY Need To Know to lead your Yoga classes? with Amanda Degrace
Pelvic Floor Health and Diastasis are buzz words that are getting a lot more attention these days. So is it just a fad or is it here to stay?  The fact is that pelvic floor and core dysfunction doesn’t just affect the pre/postnatal population. Athletes, men, and even women who have not experienced pregnancy experience these dysfunctions. Gain confidence in leading your Yoga classes by understanding what you should be doing to encourage pelvic floor and core health and what you need to be avoiding. This session will combine both theory and practical components
Menopause and Weight Gain with Rachel Cavan

As we age and our hormones change, it is more difficult to lose the weight compared to when we are younger.  Although it may be slightly more difficult, it is still possible to lose weight in a healthy way and feel energetic and vibrant! In this session, you will learn: Why weight loss is more difficult after Menopause; how hormones affect weight loss and muscle building; why you can’t eat like a man!; top foods to help balance and detoxify hormones; the best supplements for menopause symptoms and weight loss; and what types of exercise work for women trying to lose weight, and which don’t.


9:00 to 10:30am  |  11:00am to 12:30pm

1:45 to 3:15pm

Functional Training for Active Aging Clients with Nick Haince
This workshop will cover the principles of strength training for the active aging client. Using a functional training approach, let’s get this growing population off of the machines and training in ways that will help them make everyday life activities easier. We will discuss training priorities, program design, exercise selection as well as progresions and how to apply these tools to one-on-one and group scenarios. You will learn how to effectively train active aging clients around injuries without using machine and maximizing functional strength while using functional movements.

Bodyweight Blast with Lisa Mastrachio
Bodyweight training still trends strongly in the fitness world today as an effective and efficient way to train. The challenge however, is how to stay innovative and creative while using this popular training style. Experience Lisa’s Bodyweight Blast and you’ll find fresh ideas and new ways to explore this training format. Relieve boredom and recycling the “same old same old”’ by joining Bodyweight Blast. You’ll leave with innovative ideas, inspiration and unique ways to train our best piece of equipment….our BODIES!

Boomers & Zoomers – How to accommodate multiple fitness levels and injuries in your class with Alanna George
Older adults are one of the largest demographics participating in group exercise programs. Most programs advertised as 55 plus are actually composed of two separate and distinct populations. Baby Boomer ( 55-70 ) and Zippy Zoomers ( 71+ ). This workshop will teach instructors and trainers how to effectively and safely accommodate both of these populations within a single program.  By the end of the workshop, particpants will understand the most common injuries and illnesses they are likely to encounter and how to cue and modify to accommodate multiple fitness levels within the Older Adult Program.

Pilates HIIT with Kristy Kilcup
Looking to ramp up the cardio for your clients?  Want to try this Pilates style?  Then come join the crazy and drop and give me twenty!
This workout is intended to provide you with a workout profile that can lead to fresh, new and creative classes using movements you may already know. Where metabolic training is all the rage, learn how to effectively ignite your clients metabolisms with this faster paced, muscle fatiguing and calorie burning workout!
This workshop with briefly speak to the theoretical aspects of the design of this workout leaving plenty of time for the practical application.

The Best Ride Ever with Jan Giblin
Content, connection and charisma. Creating a balanced workout for a class made up of a variety of participants. From first-timers to triathletes, find a way to connect to everyone. Make your class fun and challenging by learning when to push harder and when to encourage. Getting your participants to reach their potential by incorporating a challenging workout, proper body positioning and humour. Encourage the entry-level riders and pushing the pros!

Accessible Yoga with Michael Hutkins
Develop a deeper understanding of how to make your class more inclusive for different levels of participants. Learn how to deconstruct and build yoga poses and sequences from simple to complex without losing the pace. Michael will demonstrate how to incorporate yoga poses for those who require a chair, lying down or standing. Take away new methods to incorporate progression and regression to make your class accessible to all.

Fundamentals of Sports Nutrition with Brittany Gordon
Most fitness instructors and personal trainers avoid providing their clients with any type of information on nutrition because they feel they have a lack of knowledge and could cause greater hard in doing so, and well you are not wrong.   However, our clients look to us to provide them with knowledge and keep them accountable to their health and fitness goals.  In order to assist you, the trainer, and your clients Brittany Gordon of Caven Nutrition Group has developed a workshop on the “Basics of Exercise Nutrition”. This workshop will cover: Macronutrients: what they are, why they are needed and why quality is more important than quantity. How to fuel: eating before, after and sometimes during a workout, and how to select the right food for the best energetic outcome. Supplementation: when is it needed and is it ever really worth it? Hydration: why it is so important to a balanced exercise nutrition plan.

Love the LOW with Jill Pomoroy
So many HIIT and bootcamp classes out there… how do we revitalize low impact classes so that they appeal to a new generation of exercisers? This workshop will teach you how you can play with choreography, pull basic moves from sports, create levels and layers to provide a workout for everybody!


9:00 to 10:30am  |  11:00am to 12:30pm  |  1:45 to 3:15pm


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