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The integration of sport organizations into the RA community will raise the Association’s profile, develop opportunities to engage high profile organizations on a regular basis and develop a modern brand identity for our Association.  The House of Sport will strengthen our connection to Canadian sport by supporting the organizations that help athletes grow and develop from playground to podium.  This is something the RA has been passionately contributing to for the last 75 years.


“This is a transformative opportunity for the RA. This project will significantly strengthen our position and deepen our roots as a leader in the sports, fitness and recreation sectors not just within the City of Ottawa but across the country. The RA is proud to be driving such a creative and innovative initiative,“  RA CEO Tosha Rhodenizer explains.


More importantly, the Association will work to leverage this critical mass of organizations sharing a passion for Canadian sport, to attract large-scale sponsors and partners to the RA and provide the Association a platform for growth. 


“The RA is working with both public and private organizations to secure funding for this project” Tosha shared. “A project that helps support the advancement of amateur sport in our country is a desire of many organizations both locally and nationally and we look forward to sharing those partnerships in the near future.”


During the House of Sport project, the RA with the support of key stakeholders, will re-capitalize 36,000 sq. ft of the West Wing with the purpose of leasing to roughly fifteen (15) NSOs and MSOs. Not only will this provide a reliable revenue stream long-term, but the RA in concert with these other not for profit organizations, will benefit from the economies of scale and efficiencies by sharing common elements such cutting-edge technologies (internet, telephony and network platforms), a new coffee bar and many other resources. 


Proceeds from this project will be funneled back into the Association and allow for further investment in our current activities in an accelerated fashion.


The RA will capitalize on the leadership skill and knowledge of these on-site industry forerunners to enhance and augment our programs and activities. RA members and local residents – particularly children and youth – will also benefit from the groups’ mandate to increase participation in their sports through accessible local programs.

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