The RA is an Association. As a member, you have a voice in your Association and we welcome your comments and suggestions. Your membership gives you access to a vast array of programs and activities, helps to maintain and develop outstanding facilities and services, offers you free parking while at the RA, allows you to take advantage of RA Member Benefits.  An Association Membership is required to join Clubs and leagues, the fitness centre as well as most other programs and activities offered at the RA Centre.


Association "RA" Membership

  • Current RA members are not required to re-join the Association upon renewal of their club or activity of choice. Members who continuously maintain their Club or activity membership remain an Association member in good standing for the duration of their involvement with the RA.
  • RA members who are solely RA members continue to renew their Association Membership annually.
  • New members are required to join the RA by purchasing an Association Membership.


Association Membership Fees

The following membership fees apply to Federal employees, all employees of devolved federal organizations and retired employees who receive a pension based on such employment; or are entitled to a deferred pension based on such employment.


$ 33.00


$ 57.00

Individual - superannuate

$ 21.00

Family - superannuate

$ 27.00

The following membership fees apply to all other persons interested in joining the Association.


$ 46.00


$ 72.00


The definition of family members is:
Spouse of members and dependent children who are in full time attendance at an educational institution are eligible.

For clarification on membership categories and changes to the RA membership model, please contact Member Services at 613-733-5100.



Membership is open to anyone who is willing to abide by the Members’ Code of Ethics : 
The RA is an association of members of similar ideals who:

  • Respect people and property.
  • Support the activities to the maximum degree possible.
  • Strive to achieve safe and honourable participation.
  • Take pride in the RA and exhibit sportsmanship.
  • Participate to have fun and be fit.

The Association is committed to providing an environment that is free of violence and harassment for all members, visitors and employees. Copies of the Member Policy relating to Harassment, Discrimination, Violence or Breach of the RA Code of Ethics are available from the Member Services desk.



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