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Effective and timely communication during construction can be challenging. If you have ideas as to how we can improve, please contact:


Bryan R. Merrett
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Why is the RA taking on this new business stream?

This project allows us to convert under-utilized space for purposes that will provide value to the Association.  Proceeds from this project will be funnelled back into the Association, which in turn will allow us to attend to the needs of the building and further enhance programming and services for our members.  As well, this unique opportunity will significantly strengthen our position as a sports, fitness and recreation facility not just within the City but across the country, receiving profile that could not be acquired otherwise.  More importantly, the Association will work to leverage this critical mass of organizations sharing a passion for Canadian sport, to attract large-scale sponsors and partners to the RA and provide the Assocation a platform for growth.


When will construction begin?

It is expected that construction will begin in the late-fall of 2016 and will last roughly six (6) months. We plan to remain operational during construction and will work diligently to minimize disruptions.  However, as with all projects of this magnitude, and an aging building (circa 1956), a few unforeseen things will undoubtedly be discovered. Be assured that you, the members, will remain at the forefront of our planning.


How will the House of Sport impact the activities that take place in the West Wing?

In preparation for the re-capitalization of parts of the West Wing, some RA staff will be re-located, to free up the current office space on the second floor of the West Wing. This space will be renovated to become the new home for Duplicate Bridge and other activities currently using meeting rooms on the upper level. The CEO’s current office space will be maintained as small meeting room and will also be available for use by RA programs.  The RA will construct a large, non-permanent, high quality fabric-covered steel building showcasing a new state-of art double sprung gymnasium floor.  All activities currently taking place in the West Gymnasium will move, without interruption, to this bright, insulated, temperature controlled space in the late-fall, as construction on the House of Sport begins.


We are working with Club Executives to facilitate the transition of affected activities to new programming areas. It is our intention that with a bit of creative thinking and the re-purposing of under-utilized spaces, most activities will carry on without interruption.  However there is one activity that will no longer be continued as a result of this project – and that is bowling. The great news is that we have been working with Walkley Bowling and they have the capacity to take on our displaced members as well as our rental programs.  We will communicate the details on the transition of other affected activities such as the RA Photo Studio, once the plan has been confirmed. 


Will the loss of the Canada Room and other meeting rooms on the second floor of the West Wing affect the Events and Conference business?

After significant analysis, we believe that based on the current utilization of space we will be able to service our clients within this smaller footprint. Perhaps the only exceptions are the clients who due to the size of their event require both the Canada Rooms and the Clark Hall.


How many people will House of Sport support?

The House of Sport will support roughly fifteen (15) National Sports Organizations (NSOs) and Multi-Sport Organizations (MSOs) or, approximately 220 people.


How will those people affect parking?

As many members know, we regularly rent spaces to our neighbours up the hill at CRA. We will be reducing the number of rental spaces available by the amount required to support this project. The loss in this revenue will be recovered in the lease arrangement with the House of Sport tenants. We should still anticipate a few days per year where, due to the events going on at the RA, the parking lots will be busy.








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