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Proposed design

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The House of Sport with a total area of 36,000 sq.ft. will be developed in the RA’s West Wing. The remainder of the RA Centre (the Central and East Wings, as well as accessory space in the West Wing) will complement the necessity for these groups to host events and meetings such as sporting conferences and retreats.

(Colours represent potential organizational grouping, final placement of NSOs and MSOs still to be determined.)

Ground Floor - West Wing  |  Prelimenary drawings
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Ground Floor - West Wing

Second Floor - West Wing  |  Prelimenary drawings

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Second Floor - West Wing


Making Space Work
When designed with an understanding of organizational culture and collaboration styles, group spaces can improve the way people work together. The House of Sport floor plan will provide spaces for both planned and spontaneous meetings, for small and large groups and include different types of work spaces to accommodate different work styles and business needs; all meant to result in positive collisions of energy and experience.

(The examples shown here are for illustration purposes only.)





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