Karen Capen


Karen is actively involved professionally and as a resident in the Ottawa community since the early 1990s, having arrived here from Montreal, where she grew up and studied. Although a recently retired Department of Justice lawyer, Karen continues to practice law on a part-time consultancy basis, having graduated from McGill University School of Law in 1992.


Before entering law school, Karen enjoyed a busy career as a marketing and community development specialist at the National Film Board of Canada. She travelled extensively, sometimes for work purposes but always for the personal enjoyment of new experiences, places and people.


Not one to rest on just being a lawyer Karen has spent some years in magazine publishing as a junior editor and writer.


Along with the enjoyment of spending time with her family (sons, daughters-in law and grandchildren), you can find Karen spending much of her time playing tennis (though not nearly as well as she would like), regularly read an eclectic assortment of books (often more than one at a time)’and struggle to train a new puppy (a challenge of persistence and patience).