Bob Butko


Canada Revenue Agency



Bob has been a manager with the Canada Revenue Agency for over 30 years.  Consequently, he has also been a member of the RA for almost 30 years and is currently active in the LifeFIT Centre on Riverside Drive, as well as the hockey and soccer leagues.
In the past Bob volunteered with his soccer club (the Ottawa Falcons) in multiple board positions, the Professional Institute of the Public Service of Canada (PIPSC) in the roles of chairman of the Finance Committee and chairman of the Computer Services (CS) group.
Bob is captain of a hockey and a soccer team at the RA and was involved with the creation of both the RA Soccer League and the Silver Division of the RA Hockey League. In the past Bob contributed to the RA’s Recognition and Awards Committee.
Bob’s extensive experience, combined with his long-term membership with the RA, complemented by a Bachelor of Commerce degree from Laurentian University offers the RA Board of Directors a great resource to support the organization.