Board of Directors

The Board manages the RA in the interests of its members, in a way that reflects the mission, vision and values of the organization and is respectful of its Constitution and By-Laws.

The Board determines the vision and strategic direction for the RA, the organization’s governance structure and policies, and the RA Management Framework. These elements are designed to support and strengthen its own work and the management accountability structure and processes of the organization. The policies define the Chief Executive Officer’s role, authority and accountability, the parameters within which the CEO operates and the roles and responsibilities of the Board of Directors.



Be involved – Help us shape the future of the RA


The RA has a long and proud history of delivering excellent recreation, sport, fitness and hospitality services that promote healthy living for our members and the community at large. As a not-for-profit association, a Board of Directors made up of 16 members elected from the membership governs the RA. Every two years, positions on the Board are open for competition and this year is an election year.


As an invested member, your role in the election of board members is essential in shaping the RA’s future.


I am very pleased to share that we have had an amazing response to our call for nominations to the RA Board of Directors. Fifteen (15) RA members were nominated and submitted their application to run for election to fill 11 vacancies. The skill sets and competencies of the applicants is impressive and indicates their strong desire to be part of the RA’s transformation, re-imagining our storied organization into a viable and sustainable not-for-profit organization that will assume a leadership role in this vibrant community. I encourage you to take the time to acquaint yourselves with each of the candidates, their skills and areas of expertise prior to making your decision about who is best qualified to assume the governance of this amazing association.


I wish to thank all of those who have thrown their hat into the ring.  Together we will make this organization the best it can be.


Gilles Vézina

Chair, Nomination and Election Committee


Voting Period: November 13 to 27, 2017

All members who are eligible to vote will receive an electronic election communiqué or mailed voter package from the Association the week of November 6.
To be eligible to vote, you must be a Pioneer, Life, Regular, Non-Government or Family member at least eighteen (18) years of age in good standing.

The next Annual General Meeting of the Recreation Association of the Public Service of Canada will be held in March 2018.  Details on the date, time and location of the meeting to follow.





Dennis Seebach



Valerie Keyes



Ian Bishop

Bob Butko

Karen Capen

Ted Cohen

Ferdy Doreleyers

Walter Gerus

Glenn Martin

Lee McCormack

Rob Mulrooney

Tony Wohlfarth


Past President

Diana Monnet


Ex officio Member

Tosha Rhodenizer- RA, CEO/General Manager




The following members of the Board of Directors will continue to serve until 2019.

Valerie Keyes

Ian Bishop

Walter Gerus

Lee McCormack

Tony Wohlfarth



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