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Members' Council


Heather Amys
Wallen Chang-Hong

Doug McGregor
Gretchen Reynolds
Noreen Towns
Andrew Wigston

Terms of Reference

  1. This Rideau Tennis Club (RTC) Members’ Council (the Council) has been established to share and discuss ideas /approaches; to provide advice; and support RTC management to ensure a vibrant club atmosphere and positive membership experience.
  2. The Council is made up of members of the RTC who represent the tennis, fitness and social communities at the RTC. New members of the Council shall be nominated, in writing, by at least two RTC members. They are elected by a vote of the RTC members at the AGM, or may join the Council by a vote of the Council at any time. Council members shall inform the Secretary, in writing, if they are no longer in a position to fulfil their duties and, wherever possible, such communications shall also nominate a replacement member.
  3. The Council reports to the Director of the RTC. Council meetings are open to RTC members. Minutes of the Council meetings will be made available to all RTC members. The Council may strike ad hoc committees as needed.
  4. Under the guidance of the Director, the Council may consider any matter affecting the operation or management of the RTC or any related matter.
  5. The Council shall:
    1. Provide a voice for all Club Members’ concerns and wishes ;
    2. Support and advise on membership recruitment efforts;
    3. Encourage and advise on the social aspects of the Club including the selection, organization and promotion of social and fundraising events;
    4. Promote participation in tennis and encourage the growth, development and playing of tennis including helping to organize, promote and support both social and competitive tennis;
    5. Encourage junior tennis at the RTC by helping to organize and support fundraising efforts in the name of the RTC Junior Development Fund (JDF)
    6. Allocate JDF funds;
    7. Develop and maintain a network of volunteers to support the work of the Council and RTC Management.
  6. The Council may advise and support RTC Management on matters, as mutually agreed upon, such as:
    1. Communications and marketing
    2. Member feedback mechanisms
    3. Memberships fees, codes of conduct, safety, security, capital infrastructure and maintenance matters;
    4. Strategies and investments to:
      - improve the experience, retention and attraction of members;
      - ensure the Club’s ongoing financial sustainability and vitality;
    5. Policies and decisions that will affect Club members;
    6. Recognition of staff and volunteers.
  7. The Council shall call AGM of Club members to:
    1. Report on Council activities of the past year;
    2. Review the Terms of Reference, noting any amendments;
    3. Introduce nominations for Members for Council and hold a vote to create a new Council.
  8. These Interim Terms of Reference shall be approved and amended by consensus of members of the Council and the Director, and shall be made available to all Club Members.

Rideau Tennis Club  |  One Donald Street, Ottawa, ON K1K 4E6 | 613.749.6126 | rtc@rideautennisclub.com

The RTC is a member of the RA, a not for profit Association serving our community for over 70 years.

Court update

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    Sunday, July 23, 7:45 AM Clay courts 1-4 will be ready at 9am. Clay 5-7 and 8-11 will be ready by 9:15am.  All hard courts are open.    IMPORTANT UPDATE: The Town Hall meeting originally scheduled for Thursday, July 13 has unfortunately been postponed until Monday, July 31 at 6pm. Following is the full message from the RA:    "Dear RTC Members;   Due to circumstances beyond our control we must once again delay the Town Hall Member Meeting originally scheduled for Thursday, July 13 until Monday, July 31 at 6pm in the Maple View Room. I apologize for the multiple delays and the personal impact that these have on each of you. I can certainly appreciate that this ongoing ambiguity is disconcerting and stressful for everyone involved. It is my hope that this is the last delay and rest assured it is my intention to provide clarity and context at the meeting on the 31st. Thank you for your continued understanding and patience.   Respectfully; Tosha Rhodenizer Chief Executive Officer, RA   trhodenizer@racentre.com"       Online booking has returned! Click here to log in.  …


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