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June 2017




  • We are thrilled to announce that things are going to get a lot more exciting at the RA as construction in the West Wing is set to resume.  As many members have noticed construction was paused on the House of Sport to provide adequate time for the National and Multi-Sport Organizations to finalize their architectural details.  While anticipated completion is mid-Fall, we will be welcoming sport organizations into transition space as early as July. We thank you for your patience an we look forward to bringing this transformative project to life.
  • Design Reiteration - Currently finalizing design and customizing fit-up for House of Sport members
  • Abatement and Demolition - Complete



  • Re-location of RA administration space- Complete
  • Construction of a steel and fabric structure housing a new oversize gymnasium- Complete
  • Re-location of RA programs currently using space in the West Wing- Complete





NEW West Gymnasium

  • CTV Morning Live with Sarah Freemark were on-site in the new West Gymnasium on Tuesday, February 14, 2017.
    PLease take a moment and check out the videos at
  • The multi-purpose gymnasium on the upper level of the West Wing is CLOSED and all programs and activities have moved to the NEW West Gymnasium (located outside the main entrance at the West Wing). 

We ask for your patience and understanding as there are still a few detals to be completed.  A covered walkway spanning the distance between the new gymnasium and the doors at the West entrance will be installed in the Spring. In the meantime, please wear your outdoor footwear into the new structure and carry your clean indoor training shoes.  As you enter, you will see that there is a vestibule with benches and storage for your outerwear.  Please change your footwear in that area to prevent water and debris from damaging the new double-sprung gym floor. The West change rooms and washrooms are available for your use, though we ask that you change your footwear to walk between the main building and the gymnasium.



Staff Relocation

The staff located in the West Wing of the RA Centre have moved into their new office areas and the vacated administration space has been turned over to Lundy in preparation for the construction of the House of Sport.

  • Event & Conference Services
    Staff has returned to the renovated office area on the main floor of the West Wing adjacent to the main lobby.
  • Recreation, Sport & Fitness Services
    Club Managers and Coordinators are now located near the Event & Conference offices on the main floor of the West Wing adjacent to the main lobby.
    RA Sports Leagues staff moved into the new office area in the East Wing of the building, behind the Member Services desk.
  • Chief Executive Officer, Finance & Administrative Services, Partnership & Engagement Services and Property Services
    Staff are located in the new office area in the Rideau Room.  This area can be accessed from outside, down the stairs and through the glass doors located on the side of the building facing Bronson Avenue.

  • The entrance to the West Wing (parking, drop-off and pick up) is at the entrance closest to Riverside Drive.  We appreciate your patience as we assess the traffic flow and make adjustments as required.
  • Please DRIVE CAUTIOUSLY as everyone gets accustomed to the new traffic patterns.


Please excuse us while we work to improve your Association!

As with all renovation projects of this scope and magnitude there are bound to be surprises.  Couple that with the fact that our building is of a certain vintage and we know that there will be some unforeseen challenges.  We ask for your patience and understanding as we move ahead with the House of Sport project, positioning our Association to grow and develop further in the future.



The RA is proud to work with the following organizations to ensure this project comes to life.



MP Lundy Construction


Algonquin College





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